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What readers are saying:

“You can find plenty of books about social media marketing by people who don’t do much of it. What makes Stand Out such a stand out is that the author not only brings years of field experience to the topic but also insight gleaned from hundreds of customer experiences.  This book is worth its cover price for chapter 4 alone. It it, Lewis sets out practical guidelines for getting the most out of social media interactions based upon real data from real campaigns. Lewis has the benefit of being able to tap into the knowledge that huge brands like Major League Baseball have gained from analyzing millions of customer reactions, and some of the insights are fascinating.”

– Paul Gillin, author of ‘The New Influencers’ (Read full review here)


“I recommend the book for anyone interested in social media marketing. I would recommend using social media marketing for anyone serious about gaining visibility for their brand, so that casts a wide net for this book.”

– Bill Ives, Partner, Merced Group (full review here)




“I seriously believe that most savvy readers can take the info, examples and tactics that he outlines and come up with a successful social strategy for themselves. He makes it simple, easy to understand, and even has graphs that are basically tutorials showing you how to map things out, how to measure them, and how to collect important data on your audience(s). It’s almost like having a social media consultant guide you (if you’re a visual learner – audio learners might need to see if they have this on tape!). Stand Out… is definitely standing out among the many social media books I’ve come across, so grab your copy and learn to differentiate the right way today!”

– Brooke Ballard, Chief Social Strategist, B-Squared Media (read full review here)


“Standing out” is more important than ever, as every company and organization on the planet starts adding to the social media noise.  But the key strategic point of this book is that you stand out NOT by shouting louder than everyone else. My favorite chapter is titled ‘Stand Out by Paying Attention”.  It’s all about listening to your community, and more than that, operationalizing the listening so you can do it to achieve business results.”

– Maddie Grant, Social Fish (read full review here)



Reviews from Amazon.com:

“Stand Out Social Marketing is a next-level social marketing book had to address what will come next after all the social media best practices are established and commonly followed. Stand Out Social Marketing accomplishes this by delivering on the promise of social media: how to find the data most important to you, how to get your audience to generate additional meaningful data, and how to use that data to accomplish an ROI related goal. This is what we were told social media was when it first started, but so far it has been another broadcast channel, like email or RSS (a very effective broadcast channel, but a channel nonetheless). Given the data that is now available to marketers at any level, social media can and should be so much more. This book delivers on that promise.” – Sal Giliberto

“Mike Lewis is a rare, smart and talented marketer – there are many great marketers, but few of them have the gift of distilling their years of wisdom into a great book that all marketers need to read. In a time when one may think that all that can be said about how to market brands via social media has been said, Mike published Stand-out Social Marketing – an personal, yet powerful tale of what it takes to stand out, do like most brands do, and win with social. Must-read if you are serious about social marketing.” – Lora Kratchounova

“In this day and age of competitive marketing any worthwhile tool or resource available should be explored and utilized to its fullest potential. This book fills a piece of the puzzle we call the crazy world of marketing by delving in detail into the realm of social media as a key to your brand success. Pay attention, stand out and become outstanding through this guide of the management and internal operations of your social media strategy. Learn tactics that help your brands rise above the rest. Complex topics covered in an easy to understand and follow format will have everyone not only implementing these strategies but proudly proclaiming, “No Dummies Here”! Set yourself apart and become the leader of the social media pack, not just a follower!” – Toyologist, Amazon.com

“As a member of my company’s social media marketing team, I found this book to be extremely helpful in providing tools to help brands think strategically around their social marketing efforts. The book goes beyond the typical “why you should be on social media” to offer a more comprehensive look at what marketers can do to capitalize on the power of the social web. I’ve only had the book for a few weeks now and it’s already ear marked in certain parts and I’ve gone back to a couple of chapters many times to bring the tools back to my team to implement. The book is really well written and set up in a way that will allow marketers to immediately put the advice and guidelines to use. Highly recommended.” – Julie Tracey, Harvard Business Publishing

“Mike Lewis demystifies what is required to launch and grow a social media initiative for companies of all sizes. This step-by-step guide provides a range of information from the best times to post, to how-to set up processes and work flow. Through case studies you’ll learn how companies have differentiated themselves on the social web by listening for leads and engaging prospects to win business. In addition to theoretical discussion on social media as the next wave in a communication revolution, Mike Lewis details concrete processes for analyzing your ROI. As a supplement to Lewis’ book, Standoutsocialmarketing.com provides a wealth of information to further support you in this new world of marketing. ” – Liz Johnson,

“Mike Lewis’ book Stand Out Social Marketing is written as a hand-on aide to the social marketing geek who hasn’t quite figured it out. It’s not easy being different, in fact oftentimes in social media its a lot easier to blend in, but with Lewis’ help and a little creative juice, there’s no reason your company cannot stand out like Dwight Howard in his middle school team picture. It’s clear the the social marketing world is just beginning to develop, so get on the front lines, take some risks, make some changes and see the results.” – Vail Luke

“A lot of well meaning people has an opinion of social media tactics. Stand Out Social Marketing gives the tools to not only form your own opinion but also provides you with the tools to Do-It-Yourself. There is a lot of hype in social media – but lets all leave the hype and buzzwords behind and start doing some meaningful social media marketing. The easy way to get starter is this social media cookery book. Enjoy your meal today:-) ” – km100

“Stand Out” is a stand up social media guide for beginners and experts alike. With intelligent insight, and thoughtful stories, Mike Lewis humanizes the world of social media, and encourages his audience to do the same with their social accounts. One of my favorite features about the book is that Mike doesn’t just tell you the Who and the Why- but gives you the HOW with action items at the end of each chapter to guide you on your journey through social media. This guide is definitely one I’ll be holding on to, and re-reading regularly. Worth every penny, and every minute of my small-business time!” – J Castle

“Mike’s understanding of what makes a brand “stand out” is exceptional. Real world examples of the social interactions he’s had with BIG brands make a strong personal case for why no business should stand on the sidelines. If you think of your online marketing as another billboard, Mike has something to say about that, and you do yourself a disservice not to read it. The fact that he brings personal examples that have really impacted his life take this from just another book on how great Facebook and Twitter are, to a completely new level.” – Wes Keanne

“Looking for some very insightful, easy to execute tips on how to stand out in social media? Well, here’s a book that fits the bill. This book breaks things down in an easy to ready and ready to execute manner. It’s filled with all kinds of tips and tidbits. What makes this book so awesome is that it really is distilled down into manageable chunks. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a ton of time on my hands. I want a book that I can read and read fast. I want a book that makes things easy to understand and follow. This book is definitely one that needs to be on every social media marketer or manager’s bookshelf.” – M Brison