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Grow Up!: Average Growth Rate of Facebook Pages [Infographic] | Stand Out Social Marketing

Grow Up!: Average Growth Rate of Facebook Pages [Infographic]

Posted by mikelewis on April 2, 2013 at 11:07 am in Stand Out Social Marketing Infographics, Statistics

The Fanpage Karma blog recently posted a great infographic that summarizes how fast (or slow) Facebook pages typically grow.  Some interesting takeaways include:

  • The median growth rate for a Facebook page is 0.64% per week. This means that a fan page with 1,000 fans will gain about 25 fans per month, which is quite slow when compared with the best, or top 10% of fan pages, which have a growth rate of 2.22% per week, so an increase of about 88 fans per month.
  • When separate into categories such as music, NGOs, food, alcohol and finance, there is a distinct difference in growth rates. Categories with above average rates include food, alcohol and finance. While finance has the highest percentage with 0.9%, music has the lowest with only 0.54%, which is quite a substantial difference.
  • The higher the engagement rate, the higher the growth rate. Does this mean that the more likes, comments, shares and overall interaction your fans have with your page the faster it grows? The top 10% of pages with an engagement rate of over 1% have a growth rate of 4.09%, which is extremely high compared with the overall median growth rate for fan pages of 0.64%. The median growth rate for fan pages with a 1% or higher engagement rate is 1.08%, while pages with the lowest engagement rate (less than 0.1%) have a median growth rate of 0.31%. In conclusion, if your engagement rate is high, then your fan page will most likely have a high growth rate.
  • A fan page with over 5 million fans has a median growth rate of 0.57%. Compared to the growth rate of the smallest pages, which is 0.63%, although it is less, it’s not so substantially different. The highest rate is 0.73%, which is for pages with 20,000 to 50,000 fans. So, the largest the difference between the highest and lowest growth rates is only 0.18%, which is perhaps not very significant.

Check out the details yourself in the infographic below:



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