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Stand Out Social Marketing is Here! | Stand Out Social Marketing

Stand Out Social Marketing is Here!

Stand Out is Out!There is a very strange irony when writing your first book. When I first received the contract from McGraw-Hill to write Stand Out Social Marketing, I signed it, scanned it and sent it back to them almost immediately. My initial reaction was excitement: “Holy #!&*, I’m writing a book!”  But roughly 5 minutes after delivering the contract, that excitement turned to anxiety: “Holy #!&*, I actually have to write a book?!?!?!”

For 12 months I toiled with the development of the book and, over time, that feeling of anxiety gave way to pride as I watched the book come together.  While there were tough times balancing the convergence of life events at home and hectic demands of a rapidly growing start-up, I took great pride knowing that I was lending my insights to help business owners drive true value through social marketing.

The writing process began in September 2011 and I am very proud to say that today, November 9, 2012, Stand Out Social Marketing is officially released! The goal of the book is to help marketers, business owners, executives and entrepreneurs develop a distinctive and differentiated social marketing strategy and I hope you pick up a copy today!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be offering some infographics that highlight some of the key concepts from covered in the book. In fact, I released two early this week, one on the 6 Keys to Standing Out and another on Social Listening. Stay tuned for more in the coming days!

Some of my personal favorite chapters from the book include:

  • Chapter 1: Standing Out sets the foundation of the book and further explains the premise while defining what brands need to do to differentiate their social strategy.
  • Chapter 3: Standing Out by Paying Attention to Behaviors provides strategies and tactics to help you gather the key information that comes from paying attention well. This chapter focuses your strategy by zeroing in on the behaviors, conversations, and individuals that matter most to your business.
  • Chapter 5: The Science of Stand Out Interactions digs deeper into interactions by presenting the science behind the best strategic interactions. Learn the best days, times, and frequency of posting to get the most interaction from each piece of content.
  • Chapter 6: Stand Out Approaches to Stimulating Interactions presents eleven ways you can increase interactions for your brand.
  • Chapter 7: Stand Out Content investigates how you can create content that rises above the noise on the social web, while highlighting case studies of brands that stand out through the content they deliver on social media.
  • Chapter 10: Stand Out Measurement for ROI provides a detailed look at how you can measure and gauge the success of your strategy as part of standing out is making sure you measure the right things and keep an eye on trends.
  • Chapter 12: Out Standing! summarizes the key themes of the book while offering an action plan for the future.

I would love your feedback on the book. Do you think it’s possible to differentiate on the social web? What keys to differentiation have you implemented as part of your social strategy?

Looking forward to your feedback at @bostonmike!

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