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Standing Out – Dr Seuss Style | Stand Out Social Marketing

Standing Out – Dr Seuss Style

Posted by mikelewis on November 12, 2012 at 10:15 am in Stand Out Social Marketing Resources

Last Thursday night I celebrated the official launch of Stand Out Social Marketing.  It was an honor to have so many friends, family and colleagues there to celebrate with me.  Many of those who attended asked that I share that ‘Dr Seuss style’ poem I read during the festivities.  Instead of distributing it individually I thought it would be better to share it on the blog for you all to enjoy. So, hear you go, I hope you like it!


Stand Out!

Stand Out Social Marketing

is all about being unique

On the social web those who don’t

Will soon become antiques


I started writing a year ago

And as time came to pass

I learned that being an author

Is a royal pain in the ass!


It’s tough I tell you!

And I struggled a lot

But I need to thank some special people

Who never let me get too distraught.


To them I say thank you

And within this rhyme

I’d like to thank each of them…

One at a time.


First, and most importantly,

to my wife and my best friend

You never let me call it quits

and kept pushing me to the end.


On multiple occasions

I thought of giving up

But you would always say ‘no way’

and tell me to shut the hell up!


To Frankie and Vienna

There were several days I had to miss

Playing with you at the house

But you were always there to give your weary dad a kiss.


Mom & Dad you supported me

Through the good times and the bad

And always encouraged me to write

Ever since I was a lad.


Randy thanks for always being there

When the times seemed dire

You were always the first to swing by the house

And set my backyard on fire.


To my little sister Mim

My second biggest fan

I will always be so proud of you

EVEN when you marry Dan.


And to my Wolfpack brother Dan

This poem I had to reorder

Because on so many nights I had to say thank you

You were just what “the Dr” ordered!


To the Awesome, unbelievable, Stand Out team at Awareness

I send a heartfelt thanks

You see, this book is about us

So, let’s  hope it doesn’t tank :-)


To my comrades on the exec team

Brian, Dave, Melissa and Steve

As I went through this process

You stood behind me and always believed.


To everyone else on the Awareness crew

I raise my glass and toast

An amazing team of people

About whom I always boast.


There are some other folks I need to call out

I need to so everyone knows

How important they were in this process

So, bear with me… here goes…


To my editor Liz and my Friend Steve T

To Erik Qualman, Jeremiah and a guy named Paul G


To Jon Wortmann, The Awareness Board and Auntie Paulette

To Julie Devoll, Phil & Nancy, and of course, my wingman Brett


To the team at McGraw Hill

To Lora and everyone at Scratch

To my CEO & friend Brian Zanghi

And especially Sal, who helped make this idea hatch


And to everyone else whom I forgot

You won’t be upset, I’m hopin’

I think it’s time to stop this rhyme because



Thanks to everyone who made it out to the party and to those who helped throughout the process!!!

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  • Melissa

    Mike, I only wish I had a video! To have achieved this with everything else going on is amazing, you absolutely stand out!